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Sunday, November 18, 2007

For the Landlocked

I finally made it to the water this evening just before sunset. The current and wind were light onshore and I got slapped around a little as I climbed the paddle ladder. But I did have my new water camera with me and snapped some random shots of me and the sunset. Life is good. And yes I went paddling with a wool hat.
Air:69 / Water:69 / Wind: Light Onshore
ps- Dental Ding Doc, you are officially from Planet Janet.

1 comment:

Dental Ding Doc said...

wholly shnikeys...this post is so the Life's killing me...I can't stop laughing. The insane first shot of water on wood with sunset behind can't hold my attention with your wool hat and mug and crazy beatty face. Classic! I may be from planet janet but you're definitely living up the life aquatic in north flevoland!