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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Moaning Chair

Above is Master Boardsmith, Roy Stewart, pictured in his "moaning chair". Howard Chappel put it best as:
""The boatbuilder (surfboard builder) is well advised to place a comfortable chair within easy walking distance, but out of sight of the project. When the builder has done some damn fool thing, like cut two left garboards, or put a drill bit through a newly varnished Honduras mahogany panel, they must immediately retire to the moaning chair, until the period of moaning is complete, lest they turn the whole project into firewood.""


Ryan said...

Ahhhh yes, but mine is more the cussing chair, but it also is a place to reflect of jobs well done too.
Jim Phillips

Frank said...

"Master board smith, Roy Stewart"

That's really funny!!!

Frank Booth said...

That's actually my wife's moaning chair, usually I just use a paint bucket. To be precise however it's a seat from a 1979 Bedford Bus. said...

The kids used to have a saying whenever they were doing woodwork they'd say " Hardchapelle ! "

We've been Chapelle, Edwin Monk,Ralph Sewell, Reuel Parker, Dynamite Payson and Francis Herreshoff fans for many decades.