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Friday, November 23, 2007

For the Brah or Stah...

Here are some Gift Giving Suggestions from the good people at the American Paddleboard Company.

For The Brah in your life, make them feel like the Supreme Cheese with some uber styley Surfer Shades.And at the can't beat'em with a slice of cheese.
For the Stah of your dreams, may we offer the silky allure of the Eeni Meeni Bikini. And, oh yeah, it features organic cotton's predecessor, Cupramonium Rayon. Feel it, it feels like warm velveeta.

Photos poached from Surfer Mag May 1974 (yes I am milking this back issue score).


Dental Ding Doc said...

gimme more cheese please, and a pair of those shades brah

Chuck Vespucci said...

i just re-read this post and am now yearning for that "surfer shades" tattoo to be on my forehead, as well.