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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Moaning Chair

Above is Master Boardsmith, Roy Stewart, pictured in his "moaning chair". Howard Chappel put it best as:
""The boatbuilder (surfboard builder) is well advised to place a comfortable chair within easy walking distance, but out of sight of the project. When the builder has done some damn fool thing, like cut two left garboards, or put a drill bit through a newly varnished Honduras mahogany panel, they must immediately retire to the moaning chair, until the period of moaning is complete, lest they turn the whole project into firewood.""

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Still Motion in the Ocean

31 days/31ways: Day12 via 10,000 still photos by Daniel Florez:

Get Yer Laurels Here!

Long overdue, but none the less finished are the Festival Laurels for this years First Coast Surf Film Festival.
Official Selections:
Surfing 50 States: Jonno and Stephan (Australia)
Picaresque: Mikey DeTemple and Dustin Miller (Florida)
Halloween Swell 1991: Jim Sitton (Florida)
The Hope Collection/Florida: Jedidiah Clothing Co. (California)
Jugo Majstr (Masters of the South Swell): Mitja Legat (Slovenia)
Fresh Surf: Alex Horner (Minnesota)
Submerged: Jakob Daschek (NYC)
Field of Peaks: Jeff Crego (Florida)
Hermanos: Mateo Rojas (South America)
Endless thanks and praise to these industrious filmmakers.
Keep an eye out for the Surf Shorts Film Fest....(it's the international short film festival of surfing).

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Draw them Lines beaches

Drawing Lines from JWBolton on Vimeo.

We wrapped up production on this puppy 5 years ago this week.