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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Interview with the Dental Ding Doc

In an amazing twist of fate or errant kismet this photo of the Dental Ding Doc (DDD), pictured on skatecraft, was unearthed on the ever popular Surfy Surfy blog, original post Sunday, November 6th 2005. The following is an interview with DDD, conducted by Chuck Zissou Vespucci, via electronic mail.

CZV:what's the story behind said photo?
DDD:Story behind said photo - NYC 2004 - Our friend Tim of San Clemente, CA visited from NYC. A dedicated surf addict and stoked NYC explorer - he spotted the CAUTION: HOLLOW SIDEWALK down on Bleeker and following photo ensued. I was on my way home from the dental clinic riding the best NYC transportation in town. On that note, there is nothing better than sneaking out of NYC to go for a surf and hours later be back in the big city in all its glory.

CZV:how did you find it on surfy?
DDD:My friend Mike, also in the pic, emailed me months later and lead me to the photo on surfy surfy. I think I got the email on a particularly painful day of dental school and was stoked to see it. That's how Mike and I got through dental school and kept the focus on what was important while experiencing the brutality of the daily dental school grind.

CZV:how long have you been blogging?
DDD:Been blogging for less than one month. Two or three weeks maybe. A wise man once said, blogging is like leaving a message on the world's answering machine. Classic, and true.

CZV:where and what is flevoland?
DDD:Flevoland is another word for Florida. Not sure where that came from, I read it somewhere.

CZV:Well it's been great talking with you, cheesefacedmongrol. Great insights, the kids will love it. Any parting words?
DDD:Gingivitis leads to periodontitis which leads to surfitis. Cheese glow.

end interview.

note to our reader: Flevoland is a province of the Netherlands. DDD is apparently a cheese-huffer. Although as noted by Wikipedia; On the MySpace web site, users who selected "Florida" as their home state wound up with "Flevoland" displayed in error on the site. It was assumed by some users that "Flevoland" was slang for "Florida", but it was actually a glitch in the MySpace program. Well done DDD.
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Dental Ding Doc said...

Are you suggesting that I am one of those cheese huffers that has a history on myspace? Caught in the act. You're right. Self proclaimed uber nerdcaster. Webhead.