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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Los Angeles azules

Sí mis amigos, the los ángeles azules were in town today. i snapped one photo, my camera phone does not do the Angels much justice. The wind also died and the surf cleaned up. I shot a pic while walking the dog and headed back about an hour later to get a sunset paddle. Curious Note to Self: Everyone I saw in the water this weekend was wearing a top or fullsuit. Water temp is 75 degrees and the air is 68, WTF? I paddled in after dark and never even felt a chill, and I'm a total pussy when it comes to the cold. Is it the herd mentality or is everyone not really paying attention.

*11/06 Update on the Wetsuit Situation: After talking with my friend Kyle on the beach, it occured to me; because of my built in 3/2 flabtacular fullsuit and Castaway era Tom Hanks beard, I don't chill as easily as skinny folk.

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