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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Get Yer Laurels Here!

Long overdue, but none the less finished are the Festival Laurels for this years First Coast Surf Film Festival.
Official Selections:
Surfing 50 States: Jonno and Stephan (Australia)
Picaresque: Mikey DeTemple and Dustin Miller (Florida)
Halloween Swell 1991: Jim Sitton (Florida)
The Hope Collection/Florida: Jedidiah Clothing Co. (California)
Jugo Majstr (Masters of the South Swell): Mitja Legat (Slovenia)
Fresh Surf: Alex Horner (Minnesota)
Submerged: Jakob Daschek (NYC)
Field of Peaks: Jeff Crego (Florida)
Hermanos: Mateo Rojas (South America)
Endless thanks and praise to these industrious filmmakers.
Keep an eye out for the Surf Shorts Film Fest....(it's the international short film festival of surfing).

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