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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Knots, Scraps and a new 12'

Paddleboard#9: The goal is to build a stable and fast paddleboard that can be handled by a 98lb weakling, or my friend, Cyndie (sorry Cyndie:) Using one center rib, whindlass' at each end (knots) and superthin doorskin to sheath it, i think I may be on to something. I can lift this thing with one hand. I also found I could tape th scraps, from the deck, together and make the bottom. Very ECOnomical. More photos here.


Dental Ding Doc said...

I friggin dig your blog beech.

Dental Ding Doc said...

that windlass is insane-ity. There is nothing better than making boards in the NorFlor sunshine in spring with watertime and pina's to follow. nothing. put that in your windlass and smoke it.