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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Golden Vespucci Awards for 2007

Yes, it is well into 2008, but we here at the American Paddleboard Company do not like to rush into things. After much deliberation and careful thought we have come up with the top three Golden Vespucci's for 2007:

Golden Vespucci Award for Use of Big Words: The Dental Ding Doc for the use of the term, FUNCTIONAL REDUNDANCY. The Doc concluded that thinking and dreaming were functionally redundant, much like teeth and the costal scute, so Doc has chosen to become a full time dreamer. Congrats. (note vespucci standard issue dream helmet).

Golden Vespucci Award for Knowing About Cool Stuff: DoppelGangster's Wife, Mary, for identifying this unknown piece of beach flotsam as the Costal Scute of an Atlantic Sea Turtle. I had this info verified by some clown named Andy at the Sawtooth Society.

and finally the Golden Vespucci for All-Around Surf Zombie Impersonation: Jack Bolton. Chilling.

1 comment:

Dental Ding Doc said...

I wish I was a full time dreamer...that's the plan for the future...besides, I need to find my own dream helmet.