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Monday, January 21, 2008

Folly Beach Pier

During a weekend outing to James Island, South Carolina, our intrepid traveler stole away an afternoon, finding time to paddle the Folly Beach Pier.


Dental Ding Doc said...

blogalicious! Chucktown Getdown. Sun came out with the paddleboard. I've had many great days at that beach. My first DDRepo post has the pier in the background. Pier looks sick from far out. Nothing like a lost dawg breaky followed by a paddle and some Chucktown getdown.

Run 50 Miles said...
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Run 50 Miles said...

whoa - having surfed folly as a teen and 20-something, it was nice to see the photos - although I think the pier is new since HUGO isn't it?

Anyway - killa - I sho' do wish I had somewhere to paddle.

Sheesh, when I was surfing everyday, paddling was the hassle one had to endure to get outside the break, being land-locked, I'd love to have the opportunity to paddle ...anything.