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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Coastal Chucktown

Doc, I didn't even put two and two together; Charleston = Chucktown... brilliant. Here are some more from the weekend's paddle in coastal Chucktown. Some Pelicans buzzing the pier. A cold but happy Chuck (note standard issue Team Vespucci balaclava ). A super nice, late afternoon Folly sky... and, of course, the post paddle, self portraiture... taken just after a toothless bum on the beach told me I was wastin' my time... ain't no such thing as wasted time, you toothless drunk. And toothless bum, if you're a blogger - say cheese!
Air:42/Water:46/Wind:NE15/Feet:Cold and Bootyless


Dental Ding Doc said...

Charleston is a woodchuck's town.
Bottom of the post condition check should read:
Air:42/Water:46/Wind:NE15/Feet:Cold and Bootyless and Toothless

Beach Bum said...

Anyone with a beanie like that gets their blog listed under Beach Bum's best bloggers. There she blows!