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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Dental Ding Doc Breaks the Blogging Veil

Pre-dawn preparation including a skull bucket and finely tuned barbarian slide canon catches the Dental Ding Doc in a brief moment of quietude that can only be a sure indicator of the pummeling to come.

Preparations on the beach were made fast by the author and a spool of large primate adhesive. The newly minted, Team Vespucci, hunter blaze, balaclava adorns the crown of lead-paddler, Chuck Z. Vespucci.

Dawn came shrouded in a gaussian blur as the horizon was breached. Turn, and a last photo of the Doc, stroking shore-ward, on the mighty Oculist.

The camera obscura aqua was then sacrificed to the unintentional immersion gods and joined the rest of the crew in Davey Jones' locker.

(translation: jason and i went was foggy and i dropped the camera in the water.)

Air:50 / Water:68 / Wind: Minimal - Just Trunks.

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