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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Dental Ding Doc Breaks the Blogging Veil

Pre-dawn preparation including a skull bucket and finely tuned barbarian slide canon, catches the Dental Ding Doc in a brief moment of quietude that can only be a sure indicator of the pummeling to come.

Preparations on the beach were made fast by the author and a spool of large primate adhesive. The newly minted, Team Vespucci, hunter blaze, balaclava adorns the crown of lead paddler, Chuck Z. Vespucci.

Dawn came shrouded in Gaussian blur as the horizon was breached. Turn, and a last photo of the Doc, stroking shore-ward, on the mighty Oculist.

The camera obscura aqua was then sacrificed to the unintentional immersion gods and joined the rest of the crew in Davey Jones' locker.

(translator: jason and i went was foggy and i dropped the camera in the water.)

Air:50 / Water:68 / Wind: Minimal - Just Trunks.

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