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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Spring Hath Sprung - Plant Trees

In the perverse and often baffling world of Redneck Agriculture there is a new and troubling growth of ecological responsibility. Participating as a loyal Sunshine Cracker, the author performed the miracle of the loaves, converting one 5' tall banana tree into five, 1' tall banana transplants. Using discarded paint buckets filled with dry paint, putrid storm water and lawn detritus (leaves, dog shit and sticks), the effort can only be categorized as using local and available resources.The twenty four hour growth rate has been phenomulous. Almost an entire inch in a single day. Bravo hearty and robust banana tree, bravo.
Air:71 / Water:61 / Wind:Windy


Dental Ding Doc said...

bananalicious...All week I've been having an 'NPR is Rad' week...and then to link to the always fathomably intriguing stories of this american life was delicious. Have you ever sat in your car longer than you had to just to listen to NPR? Your post has inspired my next post...super blogaliciously e nerdalicous.

Chuck Vespucci said...

Dingadiddlydoo doctoroni. i like your new profile pic.